Disabled with my dog-About us


I am a disabled businesswoman who has a 15-year-old puggle as her trusty sidekick! She is my heart and soul and the reason I started Simple Pet Love back in December of 2015. 


When I started, I was not disabled but still healthy and feisty and I wanted to start an Instagram community that would make a difference in people's lives!  I wanted to make people smile and to give them a break from all the things that can make adulting so very difficult! I have heard some incredible stories over the last several years and I am so very thankful for each one of our community members! I am thankful to have had a chance to get to know them and we are so very thrilled when we hear that we have had a chance to make a difference in someone's life! We are also grateful that we have had the chance to raise money for important pet rescues and for people with pets in need!

Now you are probably saying to yourself okay that’s great but what does this have to do with being disabled? I'm getting there! 🤣 Two and a half years ago my life changed dramatically, and I was hospitalized with three blood clots that were in my legs and had broken off into my lungs. Ever since then I have had health problems that have changed my life immensely. My ability to be able to do certain everyday things and how I do them have changed as well, for instance, I now walk with a cane or a walker, and if I go any distance which means farther than the parking lot, I need to be in a motorized scooter or wheelchair. I have extreme fatigue and chronic pain to the point I become ill and need to rest often which means I am no longer able to work which is how we get back to me being a disabled woman and small business owner. I wanted to keep doing what I do and making people smile but I needed to have some sort of income till (and after) disability pulls through which is why myself and my trusty sidekick have opened up our shop! We think this is an amazing opportunity for us and we are very excited for the future!

Love always,

Lisa and Juliette  

 Our very first post!!!